Surprise SURPRISE party

It was the party that almost didn't happen! Fiona planned an exciting surprise party for her Dad's 70th earlier in the year. She'd planned the decorations, invited the guests and told her Dad to keep the evening free for a 'local' event. With days to go the stunning venue Woodsome Hall Golf Club had to cancel as too many of its staff were down with COVID. Fiona had some very last minute planning to do and they took Pat out for a surprise surprise do in Leeds. He was non the wiser. Planning for the real surprise party continued behind closed doors. Fast forward to 5th March, Pat gingerly opened the door to the golf club's main room for a big SURPRISE PARTY! Fiona managed to move almost everything to the new date and you could have knocked Pat down with a feather duster when he entered the room to find all his friends and family together despite the odds. And not at all near his birthday!

There was clearly a lot of love and respect for the man in the room. There was a slide show, lots of hugs and laughs and some photos taken of the people who made the evening really special. Here you can find some of the shots from the event.

Venue: Woodsome Hall Golf Club

Food: Woodsome Hall Golf Club

Light Numbers: Pimp It Up