Deserts, livestock markets, and lamb kebabs are some of the things I remember from my 2013 visit to Xinjiang. Xinjiang is a province in the outer reaches of north western China. The region is land-locked and borders Kursestan, Kazackstan and Pakistan. The local indigenous population are mostly muslims but there are also many Han Chinese who have relocated to live mainly in the cities. It has been on the news recently for allegations of breaches of human rights of the local Uyghurs.

I was intrigued as I had read that it was part of the old silk route. I'm a sucker for a bit of history. Apparently when the silk route reached Xinjiang it split into three roads. It was also a lesser travelled part of China and I thought that there would be plenty of photo opportunities. Travelling alone I often found was a great way to meet both local people and fellow travellers.

I followed the southern most route through Hotan to Kashgar. Adventures were many, including eating a melon the desert, a home stay in a local Uyghur house and ancient mummies. Here are some pictures from my travels. I hope you like them.

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