How do you choose a wedding photographer?

Choose your wedding photographer by beginning at the end! When you are sitting with your photos, in twenty years time, what do you want to be looking at? What would you like. your photographs to show? To look like? How would you like them to be presented? What memories would you like them to evoke? How would you like to remember the whole experience of having your pictures taken? Here are some factors that will influence what you have and how you feel about your photos:

Here are some questions to ask yourself about potential photographers:

Do you like their photographic Style?

All photographers have different styles. You have to ask what sort of style are you looking for? The best way to find this out is to chieck out their photographs. Does the photographer have a consistant editing style? Do the photos have an overall look that you like? Do the photos make you feel something? Do you feel like they capture some of mood of the day? Can you look at a full album of a wedding, so you can be sure that they will capture all aspects of the day well?

Do you like the photographer?

This is important because you will be spending one of the most important days of your life with them. The last thing you want is someone you dont like hanging around when you are getting ready. You need to think: do I feel comfortable with this person? Will they fit in with my guests? Can I imagine them at my wedding?

What about the customer service?

Most couples book their photographer months or years in advance. This can mean that your relationship will start long before you actually get to work with them. Therefore you need to have customer service that suits you from the get go. How do they communicate with you? When do they communicate with you? What sort of after wedding care do they offer?

Its important to find someone who fits all the criteria, so that as the day approaches you feel confident that your photographer is going to get the best photos of the day. There are plenty of things to worry about, and with a bit of research your photographer doesnt have to be one of them!

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My approach

A besoke service

Fun and flexible

I believe its a great idea to meet up before you book. After that I try to stay in touch with couples. I've been out for coffee, sent cards and regularly communicate with couples to try and get to know you a bit before hand. On the day I'm fun and flexible. I'll aim to get as many pictures as possible, but in a way that fits in with your day as it unfolds. Afterwards you'll recieve an online album of beatifully edited photographs and be able to buy albums or prints.

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