"You captured my family perfectly"

Kate and Andy

What to expect

I have been working with children for as long as I can remember. I am used to their magic and chaos and how to get the best out of children. Family shoots take place wherever you would like, and more often than not take place in a couple of locations. During the shoot we'll do a family group shot and some individual shots of everyone. I really try to get to know everyone and take pictures that celebrate the true character of the individuals involved.

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What are you waiting for?

My family don't sit still for 5 minutes and wont behave!

That's ok! We'll make it active. As an ex-teacher I'm used to coming up with games and activities on the spot. I've photographed treasure hunts, pillow fights, tickle sessions and more. Child has blanket on head: we'll photograph that, and be ready for when he comes out. Child wont move to where we want to shoot them? Don't worry we'll move the them. We'll try and make it as fun, engaging and interactive as possible to keep everyone relaxed and smiling. I love all the chaos and magic that family life brings

My house is a mess!

Let's take it outside. If you have a garden or park nearby let's go there. You might have a favourite place not near your home. lets go there.

Anywhere you feel comfortable.

If you want to shoot inside let's just shoot the house as it is. There is no need to clean! OR Think about just cleaning one room, if its a family shoot one of the children's bedroom. We can go in there, the children can show me their toys and play: everyone is happy!

My children are camera shy!

Let's take it slow! There's no need for me to jump in snapping away. Some children require a little extra time to get used to someone new. They might have had two years in COVID lockdowns where they didn't meet many new faces or just be shy. A good idea is to start in their bedroom, where they feel safe and have plenty of things around them. We can start to play and get to know each other before we start to take pictures.



Kate and Andrew