Why Have an ENGAGEMENT shoot?

Congratulations! You’ve got engaged. 

It’s an exciting time with lots to think about and organise. So why add an engagement shoot on your list of things to do? Here are 8 reasons why:

1. It’s a great way to document this amazing stage of your relationship: Engagement is a major mile stone for you both. Photos will enable you to look back and remember this wonderful moment in your lives.

2. You can check out your photographer: It’s a great way to ‘try before you buy’. Your photographer will probably be with you for much of your wedding day. It’s important that you feel comfortable with them. On the day, when they arrive on the morning of your wedding, its much nicer if you can see a friendly face, rather than a stranger. My rule of thumb is that you should feel like, if you met this person in life, would you/could you be friends? If yes, that's the photographer for you!

3. You can check out your photographers style: You’ve seen the website, you’ve had a chat, but how do you look on the photographs? You might like the over all look, but, how do you look in that style? Is the style of your photos consistent with that on their website?

4. You can find out more about the way your photographer works: Do they make you feel confident in front of the camera? Do they work fast enough/slow enough? Do you like how they get you to pose? Are they serious enough? Are they fun enough?

5. Your photographer can get to know you: When I work with a couple, I find that in an engagement shoot we have more time for me to understand what you like about yourselves, what you would like to look like in the photos and how to achieve that.  When it comes to the wedding day I’ll know what will deliver photos that you like.

6. It’s a great way to get a few poses under your belt for the day: Many people can be very awkward in front of the camera, me too. Having a few poses ready to go will mean that you feel more confident on the day, and you'll be able to work quicker, get better pictures and get back to your guests.

7. You can use the pictures to create stylish, personal ‘Save the Dates'. What better way to announce your engagement than personalised 'save the dates'?

8. You can use the photos in a guest book at your wedding to create a beautiful keepsake of your day.

Overall, I seem to get better wedding pictures with couples I have shot previously. On the wedding day they seem to be more relaxed and happy in front of the camera. I believe that everyone can take a great picture. You just need to be confident having your photo taken and an engagement shoot can help you do that.

Here are some beautiful pictures from a shoot we did last winter. Hope you like them.