Why do photo vouchers make great christmas presents?

The summer has well and truly come to an end. The nights are drawing in, the autumnal colours are appearing on the trees. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is creeping up! For me, it’s time I start thinking about gifts: who gets what, where I can acquire it and how much its all going to cost! My husband likes to leave it all until the last minute. Personally I like to be organised. I feel that by thinking ahead it gives me time to find more meaningful presents. And I’m not last minute panicking! 

There is one gift that ticks a lot of boxes for me. They are photography vouchers. Here’s why:

  1. They capture family moments. It’s no secret that photographs are ways to capture memories. As my family grows this has become even more important to me. My daughter is 5 already. Goodness knows where the last five years have gone!! It’s a real cliche but the time when children are young really does go in the blink of an eye. It’s not just children either, grown ups of all ages change over time and I wish we had more pictures of my dear Mum before she passed away. Professional photographs are a way of remembering your family at a point in time. Capturing those smiles and faces as they are now. Professional shoots also have the added bonus of capturing all the family, not just most of the family except mum who is behind the camera taking the pictures!
  2. They create stylish quality pictures. Although phones are getting more and more sophisticated, I find there are still limitations on the pictures that I take with them. The low resolution means that I can’t make them look good as big as I would like, and when I take pictures in ‘portrait’ mode my daughter somehow doesn’t look like herself! Professionals not only have the equipment to take high quality, high resolution photos, but should also know how to the the best out of you and your family. They will know how to frame the shots, how to position you, how to keep everyone engaged and how to work with the light. This should result in some beautiful quality images that make beautiful family heirlooms. 
  3. They are great for people who have everything! I dont know about you, but it’s almost impossible to think of something that my Dad would like. He’s not really into ornaments or nick naks, he has a myriad of fishing tackle (his hobby) and a bunch of mugs with ‘Old Fart’, ‘Best Grandad’ and ‘Gone fishing’ on. The gift that keeps on giving really is his Grand Daughter. She changes year on year, and he loves all the photos he gets documenting her journey from little baby to her latest adventure. Because she never stays the same, each picture he gets is cherished and they all have a place in his house. 
  4. It's not another piece of stuff to add to the house. A big plus for me is that photo shoots are a way of gifting an experience rather than a piece of tat. Photo shoots are a great way of spending time together. They are tailored to your family so you can choose your location. It’s a great excuse to get out to some great countryside together. It’s an experience that you have together rather than something that gets popped in the back of a cupboard. If you are like us, it can be hard to keep on top of the tat. Every year we seem to acquire more and more stuff in the house. Christmas, while bringing many lovely lovely gifts, can also bring challenges of storage. The photographs themselves can be stored electronically, which helps with the storage. Plus you will have had the chance to spend some quality time together and any prints are often on the wall or on the matle piece, not just something else to clear away at the end of the day.
  5. It gives you something to look forward in January/February. If you choose to have your shoot in January or February this can give you something to look forward to after Christmas is over. These months are great for photos. The light can be spectacular on a crisp winters day. In addition the countryside is often quieter during the winter months, so it can make it easier to get uninterrupted shoots. Getting a voucher for Christmas is something that you pay forward to make January or February more fun!

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